Spare parts and components for BMD

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Selling components for BMD from stock and on order:

Engine 5D20-240

Caterpillar 915.35.000-1D

Track roller 915.33.100-1E

Balancer 915.33.150-1B

Torsion 915.37.130-1

Carrier roller 915.30.040-1А

Guide wheel 915.31.010-1B

Tank 915.04.020

Compensator 915.10.160-2А

Gearbox 915.12A.000-2

Crankcase assy 915.12А.010-2

Upper crankcase 915.12А.001

Lower crankcase 915.12А.002

Lever 915.12А.170

Lever 915.12A. 250-1

Gear 915.12А.005

Gear 915.12А.006-02

Gear 915.12А.007

Gear 915.12А.008

Gear block 915.12А.014-1

Gear 915.12А.015

Coupling 915.12А.024

Gear 915.12А.025

Glass 915.12А.033-3

Glass 915.12А.034-3

Lock washer 915.12А.046

Bushing 915.12А.046-2

Cargo shaft 915.12А.058-1

Intermediate shaft 915.12А.059

Synchronizer finger 915.12А.061

Сухарь 915.12А.144

Ring 915.12. 034

Friction 915.13B.000

Pressure disk 915.13B.002

Leading disk 915.13B.003

Leading drum 915.13B.004

Bushing 915.13B.019

Lever 915.13B. 022

Spring 915.13B.035

Friction disk 915.13Б.036

Disc known 915.13Б.037

Compressor AK-150MKV

Drum 915.13B.038-I

Bracket 915.14.010

Block 915.14.001-A

Side transfer of the right 915.15.010-2

Side gear left 915.15.020-2

Driving wheel 915.16.010-4B

Onboard clutches 915.25.000-1

Friction disc 915.25.013

Friction disc 915.25.014

Spring 915.25.057

Boiler with burner 915.26.020-1

Glow plug 915.26.070-2

Valve GA-186M

Spiral 915.26.440-I

Injector 915.26.480

Pneumatic spring 915.33.010-B

Pneumatic spring 915.33.010-B-01

Pneumatic spring 915.33.020-B

Pneumatic spring 915.33.020-B-01

Multiplier 915.32.1680-A

Speedometer sensor ME-302V

Battery switch VB-404

Protection unit BZ-30

Electric fan DV-400

Glow plug core SR-41B

Illuminator OU-5

Device TPK-2

Accessories TNPP-220A

Accessories TNPO-170A

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