The lifts for service stations , pliant for AVTOSERVIS Launch TLT250ATC

Listning ID 27547



ПодъемникTLT250ATC 2 rack with top electro-hydraulic synchronization, symmetric lifts to be installed in the service station.


Carrying capacity, kg 5000
Lifting height 1950 mm
The free space at the bottom, 110 mm
The rising time 50
Width of through traffic, 2486 mm
Overall width 3420 mm
Power supply voltage (electrical), V/Hz 380/50
Switch (electr.), And 16
The oil quantity, l 10
Overall height, mm 4810
Long front legs, min/max, mm 800/1200
Long hind legs, min/max, mm 800/1200
The height of the rotating plate, min, mm 150
During lining, 120 mm
Weight, kg 823

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