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We offer the entire range of vehicle servicing and washing equipment from leading manufacturers at attractive prices! Contact us! Warranty, installation and training work on the equipment.


Lifting capacity: 3.5 t

Lifting height: 1880 mm

Width of passage: 2486 mm

Overall height: 2860 mm

Overall width: 3370 mm

Lifting time: 50 sec.

Time of descent: 40 sec.

Voltage: 380 V

Motor power: 2.2 kW

Min. the height of the wings 110 mm

Unlocking: manual

Lift electro-hydraulic two-rack-mount with the bottom synchronisation, load capacity 3.5 tons, maximum lifting height 1880 mm. This lift has a manual unlocking of the protective stoppers security. The car lift is suitable for service in which there are restrictions on the height of the ceilings. The capacity of 2.2 kW. Provide services of our installers, which install the lift on a prepared floor.

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