Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E
Convergence disorder 3d hunter WA310E + HS221ML1E

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razval shozhdenyya hunter on ukazanoy thisnot with dostavkoy dear to the point of Ukraine, installation of equipment, kalybrovkoy, Education. Hrantyya - 3 years.

- Stand razval shozhdenyya-based 3D technology with dvumya cameras to work on yame ili to work on podъёmnyke. - Using Compensation prokatkoy pozvoljaet sэkonomyt Clock and Zoom proyzvodytelnost. - Stand yspolzuet lehkye nebyuschyesya the Wireless mouse of high-permission of plastic and aluminum (new generation) is not trebuyuschye akkumulyatorov wires and nutrition As for the front, and as for the rear axis. - Calibration is not required to stand protyazhenyy Total Sroka sluzhbы equipment. - 3D-TECHNOLOGY pozvoljaet kompensyrovat deviations from plane podъemnyka horyzontalnoy plane.

- Measurements vыpolnyayutsya without vыveshyvanyya cars and Total 4 workers Shah. - Absence of yzmerytelnыh on wheels.

Prohrammnoe obespechenye WinAlign - Eto moschneyshyy Instrument Setup for Adjustment Uglov wheels cars. In composition Programs Included Most Indent database, kotoraja vkljuchaet Specification morethan 220 million cars. Rehulyrovochnыe treatments completely leading operator step-by-shahom, that ysklyuchaet bug in the course of measurement. Zapatentovannыe and vsemyrno Famous ynstrumentы, always precisely vыpolnyayut Business At first times.

ExpressAlign ® - Virtual hyd Adjustment

Computer analyzes kazhdoe action and mynymyzyruet Quantity Steps, neobhodymыh Adjustment for the car. Poyasnyayuschyy otchёt Can byt raspechatan. In vsplыvayuschem screen «ExpressAlign ®» sootvetstvuyuschey in sequence otobrazhaet badges neobhodymыh steps.

WinToe ®

Ustranyaet neobhodymost podkorrektyrovat shozhdenye wheels on one side because of the of changes in the other. Podhodyt to work co Everyone sovremennыmy lehkovыmy and easy COMMERCIAL VEHICLE, Almost harantyruet otnyvelyrovannoe (pryamoe) Pos rulevoho wheels At first times. Functions «WayUp» and «WayOut» WinToe Now podderzhyvayut Adjustment procedure shozhdenyya s in the Bolshoi podnyatoy osyu bands and turning the wheel on bolshej vыsote podъёmnyka.

Shim-Select ® II

Ustranyaet doubts, svyazannыe Using rehulyrovochnыh with washers; not tired obraschatsya k zaputannыm Table and Chart. Quick rasschytыvaet and pokazыvaet all neobhodymuyu info for setting Uglov zadneho razvala and shozhdenyya. Immediately same ukazыvaet, Somehow rehulyrovochnыh of washers in ymeyuschyhsya Availability take advantage. 9 Podderzhyvayutsya typical washers. More than 25% of something for âñåõ cars for Adjustment razval-shozhdenyya rear kolёs trebuyutsya rehulyrovochnыe shaybы.

CAMM ® (Control SHIFT rыchahov Pendants)

CAMM ® sokraschaet Clock Adjustment doubled for cars with rehulyrovochnыmy washers, dvoynыmy эkstsentrykamy ili dvoynыmy grooves (morethan 30% of cars, for example VW Touareg). Function CAMM ® daёt podrobnыe Descriptions in direction and kakom How much exhausted zatyanut perednye, Then zadnye эkstsentryky and pazы. CAMM obespechyvaet bыstruyu and эffektyvnuyu Adjustment nesymmetrychnыh and kontrolnыh rыchahov Pendants. When You Told rabotaete with odnoj dyahrammoy and razval and caster rehulyruyutsya simultaneously.

Automatic Calculator plugin (ABC)

Screen Adjustment pokazыvaet sleeves, some kind of setting neobhodimo proyzvesty, ODO right otrehulyrovat caster and razval on cars with rыchazhnoy pendant. Double sokraschaet Clock Adjustment to 20% lёhkyh Trucks and mykroavtobusov.

Faster Caster ® simultaneous izmerenie caster, cross-plies and accumbens corner

Function measurements Faster Caster ® reduces Quantity vыpolnyaemыh operations ODO present and Receive Changes razvala Results measurements longitudinal, transverse and naklonov accumbens corner. All measurements poyavlyayuts on the screen at once after order How rulevoe wheel áûëî vыvernuto vlevo, Then right. This is pozvoljaet Set sequence measurements Significantly effectively.

Adjustment without kolёs

Outgoing co pozvolyaet Adjustment snyatыmy wheels. This is uskoryaet works and can u byt useful to 30% sovremennыh cars. To work function without kolёs Adjustment Required optsyonnыy stupytsы adapter (catalog number 20-1978-1).

Database ynstrumentov and komplektov

Pokazыvaet on ynstrumentы and Monitor Details for Adjustment UUK. Pomohaet operator in the right of choice of tools for rehulyrovochnoho kazhdoy specification cars and rehulyruemoho corner.

SBDA (system audit body and Pendants)

Obespechyvaet bыstruyu proverku for definitions of Plant abilities achievements VALUES UUK, and raspoznaet potentsyalnuyu neobhodymost body repair car. Pokazыvaet measurements vыsotы landing Cars and sravnyvaet's co avtoproyzvodytelya specification for proverky body roll.

Measurements symmetry Cars

Obespechyvaet bыstruyu proverku for definitions nahodyaschyhsya contribu Specification UUK, vыzvannыh violation of the symmetry axis offset ili cars. Vыdaёt Information on volume, that body cars ish byt vosstanovlen after the accident. Results is possible to raspechatat.

The system geometry proverky body

BYSTRAYA proverka Cars for definitions neobhodymosty RUUK and body repair.

Izmerenie symmetry Cars

Pokazыvaet uhlы symmetry, offset wasps to your customers.

Adjustment cradle

Bild and tsyfrovыe Photos predlahayut bыstrыe and tochnыe Instructions for proverke and adjusting Provisions podramnyka Relatively body Recommendations According avtoproyzvodyteley.

Demonstratsyonnыe vydeorolyky

C pomoshchju software characteristics obespechenyya WinAlign ® Monitor on the computer it is possible to vydeorolyky To look with procedures ynspektsyy Pendants details.

Results measurements

Measurements it is possible to Upload to prints, ODO show the owner VEHICLE inaccuracies razval-shozhdenyya and completion ego in volume, that has been Adjustment proyzvedena correctly.

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